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Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska
Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, AK

Juneau, Alaska is one of the most beautiful locations you will ever visit.
The dynamic mountain ranges combined with the temperate rain forest and glaciers has created a diverse and unique habitat. Whether you’re looking to photograph epic landscapes or hope to have a close encounter with bears, Juneau, AK has it all.

Award winning photographer leads juneau photo tours

Award Winning Photographer

Juneau Photo Tours are led by Peter Nestler, an award winning photographer who was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. He has spent years hiking, exploring and photographing the Juneau area. His dynamic images are known for their attention to detail and vivid scenery. Peter’s photography has been featured in many locations, including National Geographic.

The Shrine of St Therese Juneau Alaska

Best Locations

Juneau has a very diverse landscape. Getting to the best locations is more than just knowing where to go. The weather in the Juneau, Alaska area is notoriously all over the map. Sometimes we have clear, sunny skies. Most of the time, it’s raining. Certain locations are best under specific conditions. We can help you get there at the right moment.

Juneau photo tours & wildlife images


Juneau has a very diverse wildlife population. We have bald eagles flying overhead constantly (and sitting in trees and on lightpoles, etc). Black bears can pop out on the trail at any moment. We will help you find the wildlife you want to photograph.

Private photo tours in Juneau, Alaska

Private Tours & Lessons

We don’t believe in large groups jostling for the best shot. All of our tours are private so that everyone has a great experience. If you’re interested in learning how to take better photos, we have extensive experience in all types of photography.

Juneau, Alaska photo tours
Juneau Photo Tours

Cruise Ship Passengers

If you’re in town for a few hours, Juneau Photo Tours can take you to the best locations for the day you are here. You have no control over what the weather is like on your day in Juneau. We will be happy to take you to the best spots for that day.

On your Juneau Photo Tour, we tailor our locations based on fitness level, so no need to worry about doing big hikes if you just want a short walk from the car. We will also make sure to get you back to your ship so you don’t miss your sailing (though an extra day in Juneau is never a bad thing). Since we focus on private tours, make sure to contact us early if you want to reserve a spot.

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