When most people picture Alaska, wildlife is almost always on the mind. Bears, eagles, moose, salmon, whales…bears! Juneau, Alaska has a wide variety of wildlife options. While moose are very rarely seen in the area, most other Alaskan animals are commonly found (on purpose and on accident).

Alaska Black Bear


Black bears are everywhere in Juneau, Alaska. They are quite well known for eating salmon, blueberries and trash cans. We often hear them roaming the neighborhoods looking for something to eat. Juneau has a lot of unique rules to help keep the bears wild. Knowing where they like to venture can help you get a great photo, but then again, you just might run across one while driving through town.

Bald Eagle - common wildlife in Juneau


The bald eagle is a majestic bird with an iconic look. Juneau has one of the most dense populations on earth. In fact, if you don’t see an eagle while you’re here, you probably never opened your eyes. With that said, knowing the right location at the right time is imperative to get the best photos of these majestic birds.

Alaskan Salmon

Assorted Wildlife

Outside of the large animals everyone knows about, Juneau has some other great wildlife in the area. Whales & Salmon & Beavers & Marmots & More! It’s fun to go explore outside because you never know what you will bump into. Certain animals take specialized equipment to capture. Some require a boat ride to see. We are happy to guide you to the perfect spot for an unforgettable adventure while you are in Juneau, Alaska!

Alaskan Beaver - juneau wildlife

Join one of our tours and let us guide you to some of the best wildlife in the Juneau area. We love spending time outdoors and that’s the best way to experience the animals we have roaming around.

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