Peter Nestler is a bit of an eclectic person. He is passionate about taking memorable and unique photographs as he travels the world. The reason for his travel is that he also works as a professional jump rope performer and he holds 12 Guinness World Records. Having the opportunity to travel around the world has given him many unique opportunities afforded to few others. He works with locals in various countries and cities which has allowed him to access and photograph some of the most beautiful locations on earth.

Born and raised in Southeast Alaska, he has had a lifetime to explore the various nooks and crannies in Juneau. Quite literally as he has been known to rappel into mine shafts and ice caves.

Peter’s goal in photography is to capture the beauty of earth through his viewpoint. He often avoids the major tourist locations and prefers to hike off the beaten track to visit a hidden glacier or waterfall and then spend hours hunting for the perfect picture. His years of experience in the graphic arts has helped him develop a keen eye for how to shoot a memorable picture, but also how to bring that picture to life through photo editing so that it truly stands out the way he saw it when he was there.

Peter has used a variety of cameras over the years, but finally chose to go with Canon and uses the high-resolution r5 which allows him to create very large prints of his works that grace the walls of a very exclusive clientele. As good as the tools are, it’s always the vision that matters the most. Peter is constantly on the look for the best way to see and photograph all the amazing locations that he has the opportunity to visit. From Alaska to New Zealand, Thailand to Egypt and Africa (plus plenty more), Peter’s diverse work has a photo that will grab you and allow you to see some of the beauty that exists in every corner of the world.

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