Juneau Photo Tours are off to the races!

Juneau Photo Tours are off to the races!

Even though I’ve been taking people on photo/adventure tours for a long time, Juneau Photo Tours officially launched this year (2021)! I was in the process of getting things going last year, but we had that whole worldwide yoga pants shortage and people just couldn’t cope. This year I had just enough time to get the website up and going before I started having people call and want to do a tour. It’s been an awesome summer, but I never got to do the obligatory welcome to my website blog post. So here it is.

Welcome to the Juneau Photo Tours Blog!

Juneau Photo Tours

I also didn’t even get to mention my nifty business card design which mentions the primary focus of what we do. I’m sure you’ve probably figured out that would be photo tours, but did you know that I also do guided hikes and custom adventures? In fact, my favoritest thing in the world is to combine all 3 parts together. That means I often get to lead people on a custom, guided photo tour adventure goulash!

Juneau has a wide variety of photographically awesome locations to visit. We have everything from glaciers, ice caves, mines, mountains, bears, eagles and…trees. Lots of trees. All of these different habitats have various levels of adventuring possibilities. This summer I’ve had the opportunity to lead groups on hikes up to a couple different glaciers, waterfalls, mountain tops and more! It was also a lot of fun to helicopter onto the ice and discover a couple new ice caves that no one had set foot in before. I even got to help a stealthy boyfriend plan a secret (ninja) proposal in an ice cave!

Hopefully I will have time to share some of the fun adventures that are experienced through Juneau Photo Tours! My goal is always to customize the tours to match fitness and adventure desires. While we are out doing cool stuff, to also take some really awesome pictures in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site (and maybe you will join me and take your very own custom, guided photo tour adventure junket)!

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